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The world today is constantly changing due to new technologies. Not only in the medium of communication and social interaction, or the way collaborative projects are financed, but also in the world of transportation and automobile.

We are approaching a great revolution of the autonomous car but let us not forget the undeniable revolution of the conception, manufacture and personalization of the vehicles. 3D Technology and its corresponding printers have provided a new perspective in many fields of research; such is the example of medicine with the printing of fully functional organs in the future. The world of the automobile can also be a protagonist of the benefits of these printers, and Ford is one of the manufacturers betting on this.

The cost of a replacement of a piece to our vehicle has surprised us many times because at some point we have all needed some repair shop for cars, not only for a repair but to improve its appearance and give a different touch, which is known as tuning. Eventually, everything depends on the production of the corresponding piece of metal or that a skilled craftsman or workshop produces it to the extent we need.

Ford's goal is to reduce costs through 3D Printing of dissimilar parts of its vehicles, which would be very beneficial instantaneously for both the users and the manufacturer itself. At the moment, the Innovation Center of the firm located in Dearborn is already working on this technology for a future application giving the consumer the opportunity to customize and / or repair their vehicle at a lower cost.

Currently, the body parts manufacturing process requires very expensive molds that limit the number of parts to be produced. 3D Printing would allow the creation of the custom piece instantly in the shop itself at a lower manufacturing cost which would also lead to a lower final price for the consumer. Another benefit would be the possibility of producing lighter and more resistant parts that would reduce the consumption of gasoline. Anyway, there is no doubt that this is a very interesting project that promises to become a reality of today's transport.

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