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3D printing for video games (minecraft)


One of the most popular uses of 3D printing is the numerous 3D projects that "gamers" are able to generate. And the thing is that for them is very important to have a 3D printing of one of his characters or the weapons they use as it is the case of the Doom which we explained recently.

Nowadays, Youtubers world is a world apart; we can find people talking about practically every subject under the sun. Through Youtube we can learn almost everything we need, from fixing a car to 3D printing.



And what was started as a joke and saying "They have a very very long trunk" became into the first video which was uploaded to the platform of  Jawed Karim and Chad Hurley, YouTube founders and former employees of PayPal.

On February 14th they registered the brand to offer a website to post videos, and 1 year after Google bought it for more than 1600 million.

This has emerged a new profession called "Youtubers" as it is the case of PewDieDie, HolaSoyGermán and Smosh, the 3 most famous world youtubers wich have total revenues of 1,248,600 euros. Currently Youtube is the 3rd most visited web in the world and the second most used search engine after Google.

3D printing minecraft

The key to success of a Youtuber is unknown, Google pays approximately between 2 and 9 dollars an hour, so make it your living costs a lot of effort and dedication. Most of these videos are oriented to video games, such as David known in YouTube as "Servidores Minecraft”.


Minecraft is a game of "open world" created by Markus Persson, released on May 17, 2009.

minecraft 1

Servidores Minecraft recently printed his videogame character by publishing a 3D project on our platform and he has been so pleased that he advised his followers to do so, and we have received numerous 3D projects for printing the skin of his characters. As you can see on his channel.




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