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The CLIP technology

BMW has been using The CLIP technology for 25 years

Clip Technology

BMW has been using the process of 3D printing by the additive technique for the manufacture of some of the pieces and components of its cars. The additive technique consists in overlapping material layers in the process of the object creation without needing to use molds.

BMW has a great experience testing with this CLIP technology. This process which is complicated to explain by it self, is in fact really easy in practice.

This technology has allowed BMW to expand its application in addition to improve the quality and quantity of the materials printed in 3D. Also, the use of this technology is expected to reduce the costs of the manufacturing of different pieces.

The northamerican firm Carbón 3D, creates objects printed in 3D in a bucket full of liquid photopolymer and a laser.

One of the many advantages of the CLIP technology  is that it takes little time (6 minutes and a half) in fabricating each piece, compared with others 3D technologies.

3D printing with PolyJet technology.


Involves injecting photopolymer layers than can be cured on the build tray, this technology 3hours needs 3 hours in making a piece.

This technology is used by the Spanish firm LUPEON 3D, specialized in 3D modeling, scanning and printing.

Advantages of the 3D printing with PolyJet technology 

It permits the mixing of different materials in a single prototype, combining flexible parts with rigid parts.

It provides the best surface finish of all technologies, with a high precision in the fabrication of soft and detailed prototypes giving the product a very good aesthetics.

It incorporates colors and different materials in a model with the greatest variety of available materials.

It makes short runs of any piece, dies and assembly templates.

 SAS technology, also known as Stereolithography

SAS Technology

This technology appeared in the 80s. It allows to print in a wide range of materials. We owe this technology to the big companies such as Cube and Cubex which use it to fabricate silicon molds and to make polyurethane washing vacuum. This technology uses the printing by layer technique. It transforms a liquid photopolymer in solid plastic layer by layer, by using a laser. This way, we can obtain prototypes in a fast way and with a efficient finish.

SLA Technology or O Selective Laser Sintering

This technology uses the 3d printing by layers with a laser of higher power. It is more efficient than the SAS technology., the pieces fabricated with this technology are more resistant. It prints objects with a high resistance to impacts and to high temperatures.

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