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Manufactured homes on the Moon with 3D printing

Colonize the moon with 3D printing


The architect Xavier De Kestelier is planning to build on the Moon and Mars, all of this through additive manufacturing or 3D printing and using a mineral dust that covers the Moon, "regolith". After seeing that it is possible to print in 3D with cork, this does not surprise us.

The European Space Agency (ESA) and NASA have been part of these projects from the beginning. The thing is that in space projects it is widely used this type of technology, the 3D printing, which is the solution for the future colonization.

The E.U.A Government launched the contest “3D Printed Habitat Challenge”, to seek ideas about possible solutions to habit Mars. All of this is happening while the 3D technology is still not fully introduced in the society of Earth.

This would be the solution to build without having to transport construction material to the red planet, which would be very expensive.

Does it seem easy?


The mission is to send an unmanned spacecraft to the moon to put a kind of inflatable skeleton and that will also carry three robots to collect lunar dust and then print it on a mold, then they will have an adherent material to mix it.

And on Mars:


The Mars mission has its peculiarities, microwaves will be used to melt the material and the skeleton will be covered by a solid quilt that will protect it from meteorites and external conditions.

So far, they are all prototypes, tests have been performed with similar materials that have been brought from different countries and regions of the Earth and in a vacuum chamber.

moon project

For this project we need to consider the distance that exist between Mars and Earth, but its potential and ease for building give us an expectation of a hundred robots smaller and specialized in different tasks being sent, classified in collection, transportation and building.

The team is made up of all kinds of specialists and professionals, engineers, architects and computer scientists, because for this type of projects when they have a full-scale vision, they are better.

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