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3D printers of food

We print your food

If we think about it, nowadays we only use a small fraction of all the utilities that 3D printing have, although we must recognize that this technology is advancing faster than we expected at the beginning. And it is expected that in the future there will be a 3D printer in every house, or at least we will have one very close, substituting shipping cost. Our generation is already user of 3D printing.



In previous posts we have seen the application of 3D printing in prosthetics, medicine, sport, clothing, automobiles, building, military, criminalists, etc. But today we'll talk about its foray into the kitchen and the 3D printer responsible for designing and printing food. Can you imagine not having to cook and print your lunch or dinner? Sounds good, now we are going to explain how it works with this type of printer.

Cooking with 3D printing

food printer

A 3D printer that is capable of producing food should not be confused with other types of printers that make supplements or things like that, because until now there is no printer able to adapt to non-perishable materials or materials that needs cooking.

For this purpose the specialists and engineers from Columbia University in New York have developed a 3D printer that besides cooking food, it prints it.

With this technology applied to the food sector, it would happens the same as in other sectors: a decrease of squandering as a result of additive manufacturing, not to mention the benefits of a proper diet being able to control the amounts accurately. Moreover, in case of minimalist food it is very useful, esthetically speaking, to enhance and personalize the presentation of the dishes.

food 2

The printer works with a mixture of ingredients that come from multiple cartridges, eight in all. These cartridges have the substances whipped and frozen inside, which the printer later defrost, mixes through the heads and then applied the design and the desired shape that was created previously in the software. Being able to create all kinds of figures with all kinds of foods and substances.


This project is intended to be usable in about 4 years, about 2020, because until now it is a really expensive project, but we have faith in the confidence of Columbia engineers who see here the future of the culinary industry, the restaurants mainly avoiding wasting raw materials and accelerating the process of preparing dishes. But for the moment will have to wait a few years until it becomes an achievable project.

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