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The possibility of building your house in 24 hours at the reach of reality thanks to 3D technology.

3D printer House

3d house

How was it possible to build a house in Russia in 24 hours despite the weather conditions? The company Apis Cor, based in this country and specialized in 3D printing, demonstrates the fact.

So far, the Chinese company WinSun led this market collaborating in the construction of one of the fastest transports in the world. The French company XTreeE has also started to rebound in Europe. Both now have a tough competition from the hand of Apis Cor.

Specialized in the manufacture of 3D printers designed to build large concrete structures, this Russian company has mobile machines that can be installed in just 30 minutes at the site where construction will take place, these machines are also capable of creating both the interior and the exterior of the building without being limited only to the foundations. The machinery has a removable arm that guarantees greater flexibility to move around the structure covering an area of ​​132m² and with an extruder with a very good speed, which facilitates a fast printing in 3D. These characteristics enhance Apis Cor above the rest of the companies able to print in concrete.

The printer is capable of operating at temperatures up to -35°C. To accomplish this, it was necessary to create a large tent to preserve the concrete at 5°C, the temperature required for the construction and its hardening process. In order to promote the success of this work, Apis Cor has signed an agreement with the Russian company PIK, specialized in Real Estate business, for the development of the house of 38m² in 24 hours, which is a great achievement taking into account that it took place in one of the coldest seasons of the year in Russia.

The design of the house stands out for its uniqueness: perfectly flat roof with polymer coating, adding solid plates at the top to isolate the structure which allows the construction to be able to withstand the great snowfall of the country.

In search of a state-of-the-art technology house, the world-renowned Samsung collaborated with Apis Cor providing refrigerators, ovens, dishwashers and even a curved TV adaptable to the walls of the house. There is no doubt that we are dealing with the house of the future.

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