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D3D (doingit3D)DoingIt3D is a platform where professionals and users in the world of 3D technology can meet to interchange resources and 3D projects completely free of charge. Professionals of 3D printing , 3D design and 3D scanning and users needing to make their 3D projects of all parts of the world, join our online community daily. D3D is a non-profit social network. Its sole purpose is to support and encourage the growth of the 3D sector worldwide, which has just begun to grow and develop. In addition, in order to help all users to access clients and professionals internationally, the website has been launched in 4 languages. Thus, you can browse Doingit3D in Spanish, English, French and Portuguese, collaborating with people from all over the world and from different areas of work, improving the experience for all users.


Why should you join DoingIt3D right now?

D3D has identified the major needs of the 3D industry:

  • 3D professionals , especially those working in 3D printing do not have too many resources to invest, which is why Doingit3D provides all its services 100% free of charge (registration, implementation of projects)
  • To make it easier to find 3D projects and professionals, you can filter the search by geographic regions.
  • Being an incipient sector, it is difficult to have references when choosing who to work with. To help users to have selection criteria, D3D has a system to evaluate 3D professionals and clients according to their experiences. & Nbsp;
  • The scarcity of spaces such as fairs and events oriented to the 3D sector internationally makes it expensive and difficult to connect with other 3D professionals. D3D eliminates this problem by giving you the opportunity to be connected 24 hours a day for free and without traveling.
  • In order to prevent spam, professionals can filter projects 3D and request email notifications when a new project is posted

    & nbsp;

    What makes D3D different?

    D3D is the only platform 3D sector is:

    • Free and does not charge commissions
    • Translated into more than one language (Spanish, English, French and Portuguese)
Latest Blog Entries
UP Mini2

EntresD, a distributor of 3D desktop printers, presents the EntresD UP Mini2 at the SIMO Education 2016 Congress, the new version of its 3D printer, this new version is even simpler and easier to use. Like the previous version, the UP Mini it’s designed for schools, educational institutions and universities that want to bet on this revolutionary tool. In the same way as the previous model, the EntresD UP Mini2 has been recognized by the jury of SIMO Education 2016 as Best Printing System for the Classroom

Stratasys reinvents 3D printing... again.

Stratasys launches the most advanced prototype printer as the industry prepares for the machines to be able to find the optimum shape of the parts and create "metamaterials" with new properties. The new J750 machine is its best asset. It’s a solution that breaks some of the restrictive barriers of this technology. For the first time, you can mix color gradients throughout the piece with six different materials simultaneously.

3D technology Evolution

The first piece printed in 3D dates back to 1987. What has changed in the last 30 years? First, it has increased its accessibility. If the first machines cost half a million euros, now they cost about 1000. Open source has contributed to cheaper technology.

Pizza 3D for astronauts

Four years ago NASA began investing in 3D technology for the purpose of creating food for its astronauts, which has given birth to a new project that would allow the printing of pizzas in less than 5 minutes. The possibility that astronauts can enjoy a pizza in space will be soon a reality.

3Doodler PRO

Because of this, the idea of ​​conceiving a pen that prints 3D in freehand is very interesting thanks to its affordable price. This proposal, like the 3Doodler, is being updated in order to offer the user more professionalism with the incorporation of new materials to draw in the air.

The sex doll with artificial intelligence in Catalonia

The new series Westworld, which will be released on October 2nd, has many of the ingredients that defined Game of Thrones as a worldwide phenomenon. Directed by the youngest of the Nolan brothers and produced by J.J. Abrams, HBO's new bet promises to be more somber and violent than its predecessor. There is a great controversy around this program, as it announces more explicit sex scenes carried out by robots.


The world of 3D printing is making itself felt more and more, such is the example of South Africa where the work in complex applications related to industry has increased remarkably. As a sign of this we have the Aeroswift project started in 2011 with the support of the government and launched in collaboration with Aerosud, a major additive manufacturing actor, and the South African Scientific and Industrial Research Council (CSIR). The goal of this project is to create the world's largest 3D metal printer,

Abu Dhabi invests in additive manufacturing

The Abu Dhabi government created the Mubadala sovereign fund in 2002 as the main agent in the diversification of the economy of the United Arab Emirates. Strata is an aeronautical company, property of this sovereign fund that aspires to specialize in the manufacture of pieces of airplanes by 3D printing technology. In search of new partners, the company has been interested in the cooperation of Aciturri, one of the most important Airbus aero-structures suppliers in Spain.

Ford prints in 3D

The world today is constantly changing due to new technologies. Not only in the medium of communication and social interaction, or the way collaborative projects are financed, but also in the world of transportation and automobile.

The possibility of building your house in 24 hours at the reach of reality thanks to 3D technology.

How was it possible to build a house in Russia in 24 hours despite the weather conditions? The company Apis Cor, based in this country and specialized in 3D printing, demonstrates the fact.

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